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What sets Golf Exclusives apart from other golf websites?

Like you, we're avid golfers. We'd rather golf than go to work, but when we're at work - travel is our business. We are a team of travel people drawn together by a common bond - our love of golf.

We specialize in customized golf vacations for individuals, groups and corporate outings to suit every taste and budget. We know the ins and outs of creating great golf trips; more efficiently and economically than you could do it yourself. You can be assured that we only do business with suppliers and travel partners who share a similar commitment to a high level of customer service.

Through our extensive network of wonderful travel partners, we will book your flights, hotels and rental cars at preferred rates. Most importantly, we'll get you guaranteed tee times at the golf courses that you want to play.

Take a tour of our website by clicking the items on the Menu panel. Read about some of the trips we've taken in our Newsletter . Complete the Travel Request Form and you're on your way to the perfect golf vacation package. 

Golf Exclusives can be accessed on your SMART phone device from anywhere in the world!  Check it out and book your golf vacation TODAY!

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