Do you have a Golf Vacation Bucket List?

Bucket ListEver since I saw the movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I have had a Bucket List for my life.

It occurred to me that my golf clients probably have their own Bucket List, and would be willing to share it with our readers, so we can all benefit. So, I offer a challenge to you. Write a short article about the quest you have to check off your Golf Bucket List. Then, share it with the Golf Exclusives readers. When that happens, I will give you $100 off your next Golf Vacation that you book with me.

For me, It started with the places Betty and I wanted to visit. We went to Israel, Australia and New Zealand, and recently to Scotland. The Bucket List is shorter now.

Because I am in the Golf Vacation business, I have always had a Bucket List there too. It included the Masters, Pebble Beach, St Andrews and the US Open. Still on it are the British Open and the Ryder Cup and I still want to tee off on #17 @ Sawgrass.

One of my clients had the Top 100 Golf Courses in the United States on his Bucket List. More on that later.

I also had a Bucket List for sports activities. It included the Olympics, the Rose Bowl, and the NCAA Final Four. Luckily, because I am a Michigan State alum, I have been able to check all of those off my list.

Because of my love for the Bucket List concept, I have fashioned the Golf Exclusives website to stir the thinking of its’ visitors by featuring 17 Destinations that we have visited and played at. But beyond that, I also have access to another 50 Destinations, 120 resorts and 600 golf courses worldwide. Surely, some of them are on your Bucket List.

This is the first of several articles about Golf Bucket Lists

In future issues, we will talk more about playing the Top 100 Courses in the US, and another Bucket List that covered all the Top Courses in Michigan and more

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