Golf Swing Tips for Women

By Golfer’s Jewels

Credit: Golfer’s Jewels

Generally speaking, women do not hit a golf ball as far as men. But that does not necessarily mean that men are always better. With the right technique and some practice, you can generate more power out of your golf swing.

In the hopes of helping women golfers build a solid, consistent swing, we gathered some of the most important swing tips every women golfer should know. Keep these tips in mind and start swinging like a golf pro.


Wider-than-shoulder-width stance

Men can get away with a narrow stance. But since women have wider hips as compared to men, a narrow stance will throw a woman off balance. Women need more stability to create better resistance and control the hip turn. The best female players in the world are those with a stance that is wider than their shoulders.


Use your woods and drivers

A lot of golfers spend time practicing with their long clubs and lesser time with their woods and drivers. During a round, you’ll be using your woods and drivers more frequently as compared to 5 or 6 irons, so you might as well give them a good workout.


Swing your body around

Most amateurs would slap at the ball and try to scoop the ball into the air. Despite striking the ball as hard as you can, it isn’t going to go as far as you had hoped. In fact, the harder you try, the worse your shot will be. To increase clubhead speed and add distance, you need to make a complete turn with your hips on your backswing. This will create more momentum for the downswing.



Once the club hits the ball, the power that your hips and shoulders have generated will transfer to your hands.  You will lose a great deal of power if your grip is compromised. That said, it is important that you get accustomed to using the proper grip. Practice holding the club in the correct position.

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