Teitur Gylfason

Teitur Gylfason
July 31, 2019


The trip was brilliant. All golf courses good and the Hilton Resort satisfying.

If I rate the golf courses:
1. Cantigny
2. Glen Club
3. Village Links
4. Willow Crest

That said all the golf courses were great, in perfect condition and good service. Cantigny was the most fun to play. We played all 27 holes. Glen Club had the best service and all surrounding perfect. I would have set Willow Crest as number three but I am following my wife‘s opinion. But all the courses can be recommended. Hilton Resort has very good restaurant on the lobby floor. The restaurant on the Lower Level was an ok joint.

As for further trips to USA we have no plans at the moment. We usually make one overseas trip for golf a year and that is to Spain. After this experience we are more than open to take another trip to USA but we will decide that during the winter.

Thanks a lot to your service. I am already recommending making such trips to USA to my golf friends and recommend you if they need someone to plan for them.

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