Tips To Get Your Golf Game Ready For Spring

By Amber Irwin – Golfer’s Jewels

Credit: Amber Irwin – Golfer’s Jewels

With winter finally in the rearview mirror and spring right around the corner, it’s time to seriously think about getting back on the course. For those who live in colder areas, you might want to start playing and working on your game, even if you can’t get to the course right now. This way, you’ll be in golf shape once the snow starts to melt.

Here are 4 things you can do to shake that rust off your game.


If you’ve been a bit sedentary this winter, it is best to start exercising right now. While carts are available in most courses, you want to make sure your stamina is ready for walking the 18 holes.

Before you go running to the course, consider walking everyday to increase your endurance. In addition, we suggest that you start a stretching program to help prevent injuries. Pilates, yoga and a simple 15-minute stretching routine will get your body ready for the golf season. These exercises promote stability, flexibility and power.

Take inventory

Now is a good time to check your inventory. Go through your golf back and check your equipment. Are the grooves worn down? Do your clubs need to be re-gripped? Do you have enough golf balls? Are your clubs in good condition? These are the questions you want to answer before you jumpstart your game.

Get new grips

Getting new grips are probably one of the most ignored parts of the game among casual golfers. New grips are an important factor to achieving lower scores. It will help improve and maintain your control in and around the greens. It’s often cheaper than you think and you’ll feel like you’re playing with an entirely new set.

Wardrobe change

The sun is out. That means you need to get rid of those bulky coats you used during the cold, winter months. Wear warm, weather-proof apparel and proper shoes instead.

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